Civilization 6 DLC Introduces Its Next Civ PC 

The new DLC has been revealed by 2K and Firaxis which will introduce Nubia, Led by the queen Amanitore, Nubia features the unique Ta-Seti ability. This offer bonus production when creating ranged units, and those units gain experience more quickly in combat. Amanitore's unique ability is Kandake of Meroe, providing bonus production when constructing districts, which themselves are improved if a Nubian Pyramid.

A release date for Nubia was not announced; we only know it's coming "soon" along with a Gifts of the Nile scenario, where you play as Nubia or Egypt and attempt to the control the Nile River. If you own the Digital Deluxe edition of Civ VI, you'll automatically receive the Nubia DLC for free. A price also was not announced, but other civ/scenario packs sell for $5.

source via Civilization