Clan Level 6 - Angels Fortress (9P9QRCVG) | Recruiting TH5+ |


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Oct 16, 2015
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Full Name
Angels Fortress
About the Clan:
We are a WAR CLAN and search every M-W-F between 2:00PM – 6:00PM GMT+8. We are currently at 12,000 trophies.We are heavy donators (MOSTLY 1000 - 2000 plus), but you don't have to be as crazy about it as we are (but that's also nice lol). Mostly TH6-9, but no rushing of town hall please.

Requirement : Willing to learn, Loyal, Can follow simple RULES
Trophy Level : These are not that important as we all know that high loot can be found on silver league.

Clan War Record: Wins-72;
Clan Tag : #9P9QRCVG
Clan Perks : Level6

Badge : Pink
  • We are looking for TH5+ that are three star war specialist
  • Leader and Co-Leaders will give you a target for both of your attacks, so follow it seriously.
  • Must use both attacks in war.
  • Download BAND group messaging app.
  • Mature members ONLY
  • Back to back war clan. 1st attack must be within first 12 hrs of war
  • Respect warbase donation requests and cc requests
  • Attack planning is mandatory. If you don’t 3 stars your attack because of not planning you will be benched for 1 war. Go all out in war and do not hesitate to spend elixir for more stars
  • Respect elders and co-leaders as they are a highly coveted role in this clan. Do not ask for promotions, promotions are given based on leadership ability and attack knowledge.
  • Help clanmates to go over war strategies as we highly strategize for war.
  • If you don’t use your second attack you will be benched for 1 war
  • Top Three players after war will be included in clan description as recognition of their hard work.
If you are interested to join, apply now. Put in your request message that you see this post on forum and/or join us at BAND Add us first on BAND for us to lower the trophy for you to come in.

Thank you and see you there