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  1. Rilke Chua

    Rilke Chua
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    Team: Filipino

    Hey guys!

    Just want to share a new mobile strategy card game.

    Watch the trailer here

    = Game Features =
    • Nation War system - battles between Wei, Shu and Wu for city-states; massive scale multiplayer combat, device a strategy to gain a decisive victory and become the almighty Emperor!
    • Recruit Epic Heroes from more than 200 real and famous Heroes in the history!
    • Collect Legendary Equipment and Enhance them to God level!
    • Collect variety of Strategy Spell Cards and cast unique and special abilities to defeat your enemies!
    • Train different Heroes to lead into action packed battles on the stunning World Map.
    • Over 100,000 combinations of the Heroes Formation to provide different special attributes!
    • Challenge quest and daily quest system, an easy way to obtain large number of previous items!




    They are also very active on social media, follow them for the latest updates:

    Facebook /clashhero2016
    Twitter @clashhero2016
    Instagram @clashhero2016
    Youtube Beatles Games

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