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    Hi everyone,
    today i gona show you how to config Pushbullet with your bot

    1 - with (aka ClashGameBOt)
    2 - wirh ClashBot C# 7.x
    3 - With BrokenBot.

    - What is Pushbullet ? :
    PushBullet is used to connect computers and mobile devices together to share them globally or targeted, links, notifications (for example, when receiving SMS) messages, copy and paste, and even files .


    Pushbullet let you notified in real time for every action that the bot do for us [​IMG]

    you can even remote control your bot (Pause, stop, get a screenshot...)

    ok the first step is to sign-in with your google account in pushbullet.

    when its done go to Account ---> settings


    then copy the Acces Token (you will need this token to config your bot)


    - In :


    pass the token in : Access Token
    tick Village Report and Last raid as imaga/text

    - ClashBOt


    when your bot is configured
    go to pushbullet app (in your smartphone) or
    and you will see the notification come up [​IMG]
    for exemple : send "bot villagename stast" and you will get stats of your bot session :



    thanks lng ok na [​IMG]

    For Lastest clastbot click here CLASHBOT LASTEST

    Note : need mag install kayo pustbullet android niyo search niyo sa google play

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