Clash of Clan Gem Glitch

Discussion in 'Google Android' started by DotaPH, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. DotaPH

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    Not sure if this still works haven't played for awhile

    1. Create first a new Google Account
    1.1 logs in with this account on your mobile
    2. Opens CoC and buy the € 4.49 or € 8.99 Gems package (with the other packages, this trick wont work) - if you pay via credit PlayStore, Paypal or contract, makes no difference in this case should ... you can not shop in CoC over the newly created account, please delete as long as all of your other accounts, but) (is preceded sure that your CoC-Acc is linked to your main Google account)
    2.1 Once you have bought one of the packages, sit down at your PC and open the following pages will log you because with the newly created Acc:
    3 In PlayStore do you go in the top right corner of it first on the small cogs and then on "My Orders"
    3.1 You should now see what you have just purchased.
    3.2 Strokes with the mouse over it, wodrauf 3 DOTS before the amount should be visible.
    3.2.1 Click on the points and then click "Report Song"> "select option"> "I want to apply for a funeral" - It is important that this angebt her NO reason "
    4. Now move .. after Gmail
    4.1 You should now receive an email that looks like this:

    Thats it already ... the money is well written back within 1-1 / 2 hours and you can spend it back again

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