Clash of Clan Layout: Protect Trophies


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Apr 20, 2015
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Types of Layout: Protect Trophies


  1. Generally it is circular, and artillery is uniformly distributed.
  2. There are only four entrances in the whole building, if enemy comes, it takes time for them to reach the entrance and break in, because the circle is the most effective way to disperse their solider, according to the theory that with same length perimeter, circle has the biggest area.
  3. Buildings are set around the circle, which is effectively decreasing the power of enemies and meanwhile, the power inside the building can eliminate the enemies easily.
  4. This layout can disperse the troops. In the outmost of the building, the rational distributed protruding parts can easily divide the enemies into two parts.
  5. We can put the Clan in the center of the circle which shares equal length to each point of the building, so there is no Achilles' heel in this kind of layout.
  6. The protruding part can effectively block the power of bombs. And also due to the irregular shape at some point, it exists some probability to mislead the enemies when they are setting the route of bombs.

  1. Once they break in, this layout would easily fail and lose 2 stars.