Clash of Clans April 2024 'Rocket Balloon Spotlight' Event Overview and Details

Guild of Guardians
As more and more of these events go online, it's possible that Supercell's Clash of Clans spotlight events have become routine over the past few months. This April 2024, Clash of Clans presents the Rocket Balloon Spotlight, a follow-up to the March 2024 Super Dragon Spotlight.


Clash of Clans April 2024 Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event Overview​

Like previous events, the CoC event provides gamers a ton of exciting new challenges and changes. A variety of in-game activities, such as resource collection and themed challenges, are showcased in the Rocket Balloon Spotlight. But one of the most awaited features is a new set of special awards. Similar to the previous event, this one also lasts for ten days, from April 11 to April 21, 2024, during which time you can advance through the event track to unlock different gifts.

Keep reading below to find out the possible event rewards you can get.

Clash of Clans April 2024 Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event Strategies​

Nothing will change in terms of your event rewards; the Ice Cubes will still be your main source. The Super Ice Bath, an event structure where gamers can claim ice cubes every day and access the event, will be back this year. This event's building access will be adjacent to the Traders' shop, same like in past years. But now, instead of getting ice cubes from certain building takedowns like in previous events, you have to get stars from multiplayer combat.


Regarding event rewards, players will be able to obtain Rocket Balloon medals through the Trader's shop, in addition to other resources like the Hero Equipment that was included in the December 2023 update. More of these medals will be available in the event shop.

Clash of Clans April 2024 Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event Rewards​

Undoubtedly, Ores will be a popular prize. There weren't many methods to obtain them, which disappointed a lot of players since they are needed to enhance gear. This event is a great chance if you're wanting to gain more of them because you'll be able to collect and use all three sorts of ores: shiny, glowy, and starry.

If you accumulate enough tokens, you may also get your hands on the many decorations that will be arriving. One thing to take note of is the absence of Hero Equipment, which the developers themselves mentioned the last time to reduce the frequency of distribution.