Clash of Clans Auto-Search and Sandbox Tutorial


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Apr 20, 2015
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Hi folks, I will write to you today a tutorial like the bot of this page Direct Android Download works.
You need Rootrights on your Mobiledevices.

Current China App Version: 1.2.0

1 Go to the first page (Bot) and click on top of the Green button (there where the Android logo appears). In the mobile side it is believable a blue button.
2 Download you the app and installe it. (yes page and app are in Chinese).
3 Start the app and give you root privileges.
4 follow this picture:)

Here you find the English version of the Coc-mods to download:


Installation Instructions for the English coc Plugin:
- Cocui.apk download
- Navigate to the following folder: /data/data/com.xxAssistant/app_plugin/107 (best with Root Browser)
- Permissions of the existing cocui.apk look and remember.
- Existing cocui.apk replace with the downloaded.
- Set write permissions as the original again.
- Start the China app as normal and then start coc plugin.

Current CoC-Mod Version: 1.2.6
The following functions are currently available.
First Autosearch of gold, elixir and dark elixir.
2 Sandbox mode (attacks are simulated only on your phone and not actually performed. Helpful eg for the Clan Wars because you can try out at your opponent firstonce as their best attacks.)
After you've attacked in sandbox mode crashes Clash of Clans, but that's normal do not worry. Simply coc start again on the app.
3 KeepActive (means that you are permanently online and so can no longer be attacked. For this you have to set your phone so that the screen does not turn off, or set in Android 4.4.2 that the phone is not loading in the standby enter.)
Caution: This may operate often extremely shorten the life of your batteries !!!
4 The fourth option from the top means you can set whether he should look after each entered value or whether to report a found opponents already if only one value is true.
Ex .: you give a 100,000 gold and 100,000 elixir.
If the option is now active (green) then it shows you only opponent which fits ON value.
Turns her this function then it would you, for example, show only opponents with more than 100,000 gold and elixir.

Ps: after you have clicked once on coc in the app and then click the green button you have to course next time not to click, but you can coc then launched directly from the app by clicking the top right of the coc logo on the button .
Unless there is an update that you see then at the little red dot at coc in the app.
Then you have to click again on coc and down on the green button then the new version is installed.

You can use the app, of course, more games, "chop", which games work take a look at it when you start the app in this little red dot in the game logo at the games which you have installed it.

Note 1: The app does not appear on all phones (unfortunately I can not test on which they work and what not).
With BlueStacks it does not work yet either.
Note 2: Theres out a new version of the China App. As an addition he has now, I believe installed any chat tools. (Colorful round button). I find a bit annoying;-)