Clash of Clans List of Weekly Events, Challenges, and Rewards for April 2024

Guild of Guardians
Weekly events in Clash of Clans vary according on the season and other variables, all designed to keep us players engaged and enthusiastic. They also provide appealing prizes, which many players would also find quite helpful. Here's a list of the weekly events planned for the Clash of Clans "Egypt Season" in April 2024, which is themed after Egyptian culture, in order to make sure that players are aware of the plans for the season.


Overview of Clash of Clans April 2024 Weekly Events​

As previously said, the weekly events this month will have an Egyptian theme since some incredible skins for the Heroes have already arrived with the Gold Pass and shop. Raid Weekend and Clan War Leagues are two of the monthly events that are the same. As a result, we won't be going into great length regarding these events. Additionally, during the month, there have been mentions to the Season Challenges; therefore, we will update this area as soon as more information becomes available.


Week 1: April 1st - April 7th​

Season Challenges
The Hero skins will be on display during the month-long Season Challenges.

Egypt Challenge
The first week would mark the start of our first Egypt Challenge event.

Week 2: April 8th - April 14th​

Super Troop Medal Event
The Super Troops will be there in the second week, along with a medal event for everyone.

Week 3: April 15th - April 21st​

Streak Event
Not much is known about this, but it could be a challenge where we have to keep up a winning streak in order to beat the bases.


Week 4: April 22nd - April 28th​

Clan Games
As per customary, the March 2024 Clan Games will begin on March 22 and last for a week, ending on March 28. In the future, the details and rewards will become clear.

Week 5: April 29th - April 31st​

This week doesn't have anything special planned, but there's always a chance that something new could pop up.