Clash of Clans Lunar New Year Event Details and Rewards

Guild of Guardians
In order to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit or the Lunar New Year in 2023, Clash of Clans is once again hosting a time-specific event in the game, followed by Clan Games. Due to the abundance of gifts and other special gaming features that come with this mode once a year during the Chinese New Year, it is one of the game's events that typically attracts greater attention.


Clash of Clans - Lunar New Year Clan Games Rewards​

The rewards for playing in Lunar Clan Games were recently disclosed in a post from Clash of Clans' official Twitter account. A list of incentives for individuals who will participate in the Clan Games as part of the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year event was initially tweeted yesterday. But soon after, the game's official account sent out another tweet in which it apologized and clarified that the list of awards in the previous post was incorrect. The Clash of Clans account included a new list of the goodies with minor adjustments for various tiers along with the aforementioned tweet.

The player base did not react favorably to the new presents, despite the fact that there has been no explanation as to why they were altered from what was on the original list. The players did not hold back in voicing their opinions and went to publicly criticizing the goodies being offered for the Lunar New Year event. Due to the poor caliber of the tier awards, some have even referred to this as "one of the worst clan games." In addition to having fewer prizes than the initial list, the updated list is also missing a number of artifacts.

The Lunar New Year event also has other activities, such as the Lunar New Year challenge 2023, in addition to the numerous benefits from the Clan Games, such as Elixir boosts, Gems, currency boosts, etc. Naturally, you will also get gifts from them.


Supercell's current Lunar New Year extravaganza appears to have missed the mark. Although there are not many complaints about the event itself, the quality of the rewards from the stated event is the root of the overall displeasure. Will Supercell fix the problems raised or will it carry on as is? It will be interesting to see how the business handles the player's requests.