Clash of Clans Mashup Madness October 2023 - What you need to know

Thanks to the Mashup Madness event for October 2023, Clash of Clans players may expect an even spookier Halloween. Players will have the opportunity to discover new soldiers and intriguing rewards at this event, which is shaping up to be a must-attend activity. Below is all the information you require regarding Clash of Clans Mashup Madness October 2023.


Clash of Clans Mashup Madness October 2023​

With numerous important changes coming to Clash of Clans in October, the month will be a huge one for the game. The enthusiasm is only increased by the recent announcement of the new event, which promises to be filled with incentives during Halloween season.

Halloween, or as we like to say in Clash of Clans, "Clash-O-Ween," was already the subject for the October 2023 season. You may remember that when the monthly event calendar was first published, a cryptic cover was revealed with the Friday the 13th banner without disclosing any information about what to expect. But now that the next event has received official confirmation, it looks terrific.

Sour Elixir​

What exactly is Mashup Madness? This event, then, is a brilliant spin on the standard Clash of Clans idea. Usually, you would be stealing riches or elixir, but this Halloween, things will be different, and you'll be looking for something special: the Sour Elixir.


What's the advantage? The main benefit of this situation is that by gathering Sour Elixir throughout the event, you can claim a variety of awards. The Sour Elixir Cauldron, which is used to create Sour Elixir, will be given to you as soon as you log into the game on the event day. You will begin with a hefty 2400 Sour Elixir, and you will need to go out and scavenge in order to unlock more.

New Event Troops​


It wouldn't be any fun if players don't get new troops for the event, right? As shown, the four temporary Clash-O-Ween troops you'll see here, which are each a fusion of two troops, require some unlocking. Barcher, Hog Wizard, Lavaloon, and Witch Golem are their names. There are no prizes for figuring out which two soldiers are combined for each of these four.


Events exist to give out prizes, and this one doesn't hold back in that regard. By attacking bases, you can gain access to goodies such as Sour Elixir and Mashup Medals. You can obtain extra Mashup Medals if you fill the Sour Elixir bar.


You can receive boosts as one of your rewards, while some premium awards come with the legendary skin of the Ghost Queen, which can be exchanged for 4650 Mashup Medals. In addition, you have access to Magic Books, Resources, Decorations, and more.