Clash of Clans November 2023 Roadmap Update: Challenges, Weekly Events, Rewards, and Schedule

Clash of Clans already announced its roadmap for November, including the upcoming championship theme of the game, scheduled events for all the various troops, and more to anticipate. Clash of Clans traditionally makes this roadmap to have weekly or monthly events to keep the players engrossed with the game.


As the previous event Clash-O-Ween ended, a new season with a Royal Champion-themed Clash of Clans is set to kick off, featuring the arrival of the highly anticipated Royal Champion skin with champion-based visual design.

Here is the entire event of Clash of Clans for November:

The Champions’ Champion Challenge

The Royal Champion skin, the highlight of this November update, is now in full swing, introducing the Champion Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Grand Warden skins. Interested Clashers can now complete their collection of champion skins after the arrival of the Royal Champion skins.


And, as the new season begins with the Champions’ Champion Challenge, you will get a chance to try out the new arrivals from November 1 to November 13. In addition, you can acquire rewards after achieving a three-star victory against the challenging base.

Clan War Leagues

From November 1 to November 11, clan leaders and co-leaders must watch the upcoming Clan War League. Clan War League is a season-based event where participating clans and Clashers battle other clans of similar levels every day for the entire week. You may dress your Royal Champion with the newest skin and partake in the clan war to victory.

One Gem Boosts

For this November update, Clash of Clans is bringing you the three “One Gem Boost” events to help every Clasher boost their farming. During this event, you can boost your barracks for one gem only to quickly prepare your troops for attacks and frequent looting. This event will run from November 6 to November 8.

The second “One Gem Boost” event is the One Gem Resource Boost, which will run from November 13 to November 15. During this event, you can boost the production of your resources like Elixir, Dark Elixir, Gold, and Gem Mines to farm faster than usual and collect more resources.

And lastly, the one-gem Hero Boost, which will allow you to boost your heroes for one gem. This event will begin on November 20 and end on November 22.

Clan Games and a 2x Star Bonus

Here it is, the Clan Games, one of the most anticipated events with each update. The details of the clan games are yet to be revealed, but one thing is for sure: they will bring a bunch of rewards for the whole clan. This is set to kick off from November 22 to November 28.

The 2x Star Bonus event is also available and will kick off from November 27 to November 29. This will be recorded as the second-to-last event, followed by the troop event.

Troop Events and Others

There will be a total of five troop events this November, which will feature the regular troop events, including the incorporation of a certain number of a particular troop during your attack, which will grant you XP and rewards. The event will run from November 2 to November 5.

For the end of the event, Clash of Clans will feature the three-troop event, which will begin on November 29 and end on November 30. The details of this event are yet to be revealed.

The Clash of Clans November update will bring plenty of rewards for Clashers, so prepare your troops and partake in these amazing events to redeem rewards for leveling up your town hall faster.