Clash of Clans teases introduction of the new upcoming Diamond Pass

The release of a Diamond Pass may be imminent, according to leaks in the Clash of Clans forum. This possible feature has the ability to bring about interesting changes and rewards, which would eventually improve the player experience. However, it has also raised worries in the community for a few good reasons.


More Perks with upcoming Clash of Clans Diamond Pass​

The Silver Pass and the Gold Pass are available at the moment. All players have access to the Silver Pass without charge, but the Gold Pass needs payment. Both of these passes have been operating without any issues and are seen as beneficial to the environment of the game because the rewards are sufficiently generous.

Let's now turn our attention to the prospective implementation of a Diamond Pass. The fact that prizes will rise means that this pass may enable gamers to advance more quickly. That is, after all, the main reason you are presenting it. Season Builder has also been revealed, which could mean that the game will soon include more builders. The initial query, though, concerns the most recent increases in the Gold Pass price.

For those who may not be aware, the price of the Gold Pass increased in July 2023 and is now a base price of $6.99 or roughly PHP 397.00 (without taking into account local taxes or exchange rates). Along with this pricing change, new tiers, awards, benefits, and cosmetic items were also added.

However, some players have questioned why the cost of the Gold Pass was increased if the designers planned to release a Diamond Pass at some point in the future. Although the change hasn't been in effect for three months, the question is legitimate. To allow the marketing and introduction of the Diamond Pass, one of the driving forces behind the most recent price rise for the Gold Pass. Diamond Pass would attract gamers looking for quick progression if it could provide more rewards at a lower cost upgrade. Even then, it doesn't make sense to increase the acclaim for a gold pass that has already achieved success.


There is hope that Diamond Pass won't be as problematic as we witnessed in Clash Royale because Clash of Clans has been wise enough to avoid the majority of the disasters that Clash Royale did. The Diamond Pass fiasco is still having a negative impact on the game, but hopefully this won't be the case with Clash of Clans.

It's crucial to remember that the implementation of the pass has not yet been verified, thus serious discussions should wait until its actual inclusion in the game. There will now be a wait since we do not know when it will arrive.