Clash of Titans MOBA Launched, Looks like Arena of Valor

Clash of Titans, a game similar to Arena of Valor, is now available for pre-registration on Google Play Store for Android and Apple's App Store for iOS devices.


The game's description refers to it as "India's first-ever mobile MOBA game." Unlike in Arena of Valor, where characters are referred to as heroes, in this game, they are referred to as Titans. The map depicted in one of the Google Play Store photos is identical to that found in Battlefield 4.0: Arena of Valor. Additionally, the game's icon depicts Thane, an Arena of Valor figure. Other game characters such as Arthur, Paine, and Tel'Annan can also be found in Clash of Titans. The game will utilize two-finger controls and will have a slew of titans, skins, and events.


Arena of Valor was banned in India in late 2020 for worries over data privacy. Clash of Titans appears to be Tencent's attempt to reintroduce itself to the market via another company. This is identical to what happened when PUBG Mobile was released in India. Following the game's September 2020 ban, Krafton, the owner of the PUBG IP, said that it would take over all publishing rights in the country. Krafton established a division in India and re-released the game under the title Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).


Clash of Titans is published by Actoz SG, a subsidiary of Actoz Soft in South Korea. Actoz Soft's controlling share has been held by Shengqu Games of China since 2004, according to the latter's official website. Shengqu Games and Tencent struck a deal on Nov. 29 to allow Shengqu Games to publish, promote, and run Tencent's games on its platform. The first of these looks to be Clash of Titans, published by Actoz SG. Although, Clash of Titans' resemblance to Arena of Valor is still questionable.


Arena of Valor's return as part of Clash of Titans would also allow India to compete in the Asian Games in 2022. The Asiads will include an esports medal event next year, with Arena of Valor serving as one of the titles. The announcement of Clash of Titans also comes at an ideal time. There is no big MOBA game available in the Indian market at the moment. Last year, Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang were both banned, and League of Legends: Wild Rift has yet to be launched.


While the launching of Clash of Titans is welcome news for former Arena of Valor gamers in the country, it is improbable that they will be able to reclaim their old accounts. Arena of Valor South Asia announced on Facebook on Sept. 24, 2020, that it would be wiping all gaming data in 30 days.
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