Clash Royale: 14 Tips for Beginners


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Apr 27, 2019
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Clash Royale has launched worldwide and unsurprisingly become the most popular mobile game at this moment. Many players should have started playing the game and here are tips for them.

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1. Completing the tutorial phase you'll get your first Epic card as reward. If you don't like what you receive, consider playing a new account.

2. You can accumulate 2 free chests so make sure you don't forget to open them.

3. Chest level is determined by the level of the arena you just battled in, not how many trophies you have.

4. When you match an opponent, the one with higher trophy becomes Home player, and his opponent becomes visitor. And the battle will take place in Home player's arena.

5. Two players with similar trophy number will match regardless of their level.

6. EXP is only obtained through upgrading cards and card donation. Leveling up will increase your tower's HP only.

7. You can play friendly battle with clan mates but won't win or lose anything.

8. You can request cards from clan mates every 8 hours. You can donate up to 60 cards every 24 hours. You can't request or donate Epic card.

9. Donating a rare card will award you 50 gold. You can donate a rare card to another clan mate and ask him to donate it back to you, both of you get 50 gold. This is only recommended when you are in urgent need of gold.

10. You can purchase cards with gold at the store. It's always a good deal to purchase the first 3 common cards and the first rare card.

11. When Tesla Tower is hidden underground, it won't take any damage.

12. If the level of your rare card is more than 2 levels lower than the level of your common cards, consider removing that rare from your deck because its stats won't fit your deck.

13. You can have 500,000 gold at max but can have unlimited amount of gems.

14. Generally, free players will face bottleneck between Arena 3 and Arena 4 because it takes time to collect cards and upgrading them. Free player can absolutely reach Arena 5 or 6 within 2 months with proper decks and play skill.