Clash Royale Arena 3-4 Deck Guide: 3 Buildings Zerg Deck


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Apr 27, 2019
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Worry about the right deck to use in Arena 3-4 in Clash Royale? Look at here! This hub spam deck is easy to play and fits Arena 3-4 very well.

Battle deck:


You can find all these cards in Arena 3 and the card level is not that high, so reaching Arena 4 is not a problem.

The main strategy for this deck is to defend at the early game, trying to gain elixir advantage. Try to know what AOE cards your opponent has in hand (normally Arrows or Fireball or Rocket or Lightning) as the key to win the game depends on our spawned troops.

According to the enemies on board, playing Baby Dragon and Barbarians, then Spear Goblins and Skeletons, getting your Arrows in hand ready. After taking down one of your opponent's Defense Tower, placing Barbarian Hut in the crevasse and then placing the 5 elixir Goblin Hut in another lane. Tombstone is the perfect answer to Prince, Hog Rider and Mini Pekka while Arrows and Baby Dragon can be used for defense. If you got a chance, playing the Barbarians + Spear Goblins + Skeletons for anther wave of attack.

Building Placement
Put Barbarian Hut and Spear Goblins near the King Tower (in front). Place Tombstone near to Arrows Tower.

Common Counter:
Skeletons + Spear Goblins → P.E.K.K.A or Prince
Barbarians + Baby Dragon → Witch
Arrows → Goblins Barrel

This deck is weak at dealing air troops so if your opponent plays Balloon, you can only use Spear Goblins + Baby Dragon, hoping a draw match.