Clash Royale Arena 3-5 Deck Building Guide: Goblin Barrel Sudden Attack


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Apr 27, 2019
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One of the very popular decks at early phase is making use of Goblin Barrel to take down enemy tower. This deck requires a good grasp of battlefield situation and drop Goblin Barrel at the proper time.

How to play this deck:

Keep pressing and pushing a lane with the hut. You can place the hut at the mid-front if you need something to block Giant, Rider, Prince, etc. Use Witch to do AOE, air defense. If you have Baby Dragon, replace Witch with it.

Barbarians are good at offensive and defensive. Use them to counter Wizard, Witch, Giant Skeleton, Prince, Hog Rider.

Arrow should be saved for opponent's Goblin Barrel, Minions, and Skeleton Army.

Skeleton Army, no doubt, is effective against Prince, rider. If you know the opponent has just used all AOE spells, summon Skeleton Army to attack.

Prince and barrel are the core of this deck. Proper timing (such as when opponent's Balloon comes out and it's likely a freeze spell will be used, or opponent's Arrow and Skeleton Army are in cooldown) will make the opponent unable to counter your combo.

For most time, use this combo to fight back when you have just defended a wave of enemy attack. A small tip is that you can use barrel to counter X-Bow. Remember to push a lane with hut and use the combo at the other lane.