Clash Royale: Arena 4-6(1100-1700 trophy) Deck: Baby Dragon/Giant Skeleton

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Apr 27, 2019
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If you have gotten your hands on Clash Royale for one month, you probably won 1700 trophies or so. Today, I would love to share with you my deck which could keep me stably at 1800 trophies. The key card of this deck is Baby Dragon and Giant Skeleton.


1. At the beginning, you could deploy Tesla.

2. Deploy the Baby Dragon at the best defense position.

3. If you do not have Baby Dragon, you could use Giant Skeleton instead. Note: Put it close to your base and send Baby Dragon and Giant Skeleton before you go across the river. Another tip: After you send troops near the base, please consider to send Inferno Tower or not.

4.Supplement: In order to defense Giant Skeleton going across the river, the oppoent will send troops or buildings to attract the attention. Do not worry! AOE Baby Dragon, Goblins and Archers will be killed by Giant Skeleton. Then, you could send Hog Rider.

5. Catch the timing to use Fire Ball

6. To kill the oppoents' group troop, please use Arrows