Clash Royale Arena 4-6 Best Deck (1100-1700 Trophy): Budget Aggro Push Deck

Guild of Guardians


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Apr 27, 2019
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If you are stucking in Arena 4 or 5 in Clash Royale, I am going to recommend you try out this deck because it is a really budget deck with no epic cards and meanwhile it's kinda aggressive and I think this deck fits current meta quite well.
As you can see, there are 4 legendary cards at level 4 and 4 common cards at level 7 in this deck so it doesn't have high requirement on troop levels and by using this deck, you can easily reach 1700+ trophies.

The main strategy can be summarized as the following:

1. Don't play those buildings at the early game randomly, especially Barbarian Hut because it is a high elixir cost card. Your opponent may just place Rider Hog or Prince in the other lane to have sudden attack to your tower.

2. If you happen to have Tesla in the opening, it's ok to play buildings on board and then use other cards to counter your opponent. But if you don't have Tesla in the opening, then wait and see what your opponent would play first.

3. Use the 1st minute to defense. When it comes to double elixir time, playing buildings to rush.

4. Don't try to take down all of your opponent's towers. Most of the time, beating him by taking down 1 tower is enough.

Trying to remember what cards your opponent has in hand to counter you. As long as you have two buildings on board and then just play what you have in hand according to what your opponent plays, you'll mostly win the game. If you match an opponent whose troops are 1-2 levels higher than you, then switch to defense mode because a draw is kinda a win in such situation.