Clash Royale Arena 4 Deck Recommendation: Aggro Prince Deck Guide


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Apr 27, 2019
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New to Clash Royale and don't know what deck to use as a beginner? Here I am going to introduce you a solid beginner deck with Prince as a key card. If you are lucky to draw the Prince at the early stage (Arena 1 - 3), then make sure you try out this deck.

As you can see, there are only two epic cards in this deck but in fact, only Prince is the key and necessary card. If you don't have Baby Dragon, you can change it with other cards. The average elixer cost is relatively low with only 3.6 so if requires you to have prediction on what your opponent might play next.

The main strategy of this deck:

In the beginning, play Goblins and Prince and other dps to push to your opponent's defense tower. Best scenario is you take down one of his towers by this way but if your troops get resisted by small enemy troops, like Goblin and Archers, then use Arrows to wipe out. If your opponent throws you a Goblin Barrel, we still have Skeletons to deal with them. After a few rounds, if your opponent doesn't have Goblin Barrel, then you can use Arrows to wipe out the small units but if he does, then keep an Arrows or Skeletons in hand.

If the attacking isn't going well then go to defense state and waiting for elixer to recover. Find a good timing to play a Tank (like Giant) in one lane and then place Prince and Goblins in another lane. Use Valkyrie, Skeletons and Arrows to keep defending your own tower. At this time, your Prince + Goblins/Baby Dragon should take down half of your opponent's tower. If there's not much time left, then just keep defense after taking down one opponent tower.

Some key cards:

5 elixer Prince: works with other dps to take down opponent's empty tower.
1 elixer Skeletons: counter Prince, Knight and Giant
2 elixer Goblins: being as dps behind Prince and can also traget air enemies.
4 elixer Valkyrie: counter Goblins and Skeletons and Witch
3 elixer Arrows: counter Goblins Barrel and enemy crowds

I used this deck to keep at aro