Clash Royale Arena 5 (1700+ Trophies) Recommended Deck: Mirrored Goblin Barrels


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Apr 27, 2019
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The road from 1700 Trophies to 2100 Trophies is a long journey for every Clash Royale’s player who doesn’t want to spend real money for cards. Today I would love to introduce a Mirrored Goblin Barrels deck which is pretty efficient during this Trophy range. The key strategy of this deck is Mirror and Goblin Barrel combo.

Everyone is familiar with Goblin Barrels, however Mirror is a very powerful but most of us tend to ignore. Mirror could copy your last card played for +1 Elixir, and the level of the copied card depends of the level of the Mirror (if the Mirror is level 5, the copied card's level will be level 5). Image your opponent just freezes or shoots first Goblin Barrels to death, and a second Goblin Barrels blasts out at the Crown Tower. Please remember the Elixir cost for Goblin Barrel + Mirror combo is 9, and you can use first Goblin Barrel at 7 or 8 Elixir.

The core strategy of this deck is board control and timing of double Goblin Barrels. I would like to use Goblin Hut and Barbarian Hut to spawn as many as minions on the board. Besides, the Prince, Minions Horde and Baby Dragon are also the perfect countered cards against Air & Ground targets. Lastly, I add a low Elixir AoE skill Arrows to fill up my deck.

Recommended Mirrored Goblin Barrels Deck