Clash Royale Arena 6-7 (1700-2000 Trophy) Cheap Deck: Mortar, and Mortar!


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Apr 27, 2019
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Mortar becomes very popular recently. Although it's not as cool as X-Bow, it can cause a lot of destruction like the bow. Below is how this deck works.

Mortar deck is easier to build compared with X-bow deck. The only rare in this deck is Elixir Collector, which can stay at low level because higher level only gives it higher HP. You can invest your gold in Mortar, Cannon, Tesla, Barbarians, etc.

How to play this deck.

First and foremost, play defensively and wait for your chance. Build up Elixir advantage with the Collector and defend your tower with Tesla and Cannon. If you have chance, deal some damage to opponent tower with Mortar, but don't push.

The good thing of this deck is the average Elixir cost is 3.6. Should you do your defense well at the beginning, you'll be able to bombard the opponent at late-game with Mortar unstopped.

When you've gained Elixir advantage, put a Mortar on one lane and Cannon and Tesla at the left and right side. If the opponent pushes from this lane, put another Mortar on the other lane (because you have Elixir advantage!). A perfect situation at late game is the opponent is busy destroying your Mortar (and other defensive buildings) but you are still able to deploy one by another.