Clash Royale Arena 6-7 Deck: 6-Building Deck Makes the Opponent Desperate


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Apr 27, 2019
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Defending with Bomb Tower, Goblin Hut-genre and X-Bow genre are regarded as the most disgusted genre in Clash Royale. Today, I would love to recommend a deck which mixs the above 3 genres together to our audience.

Deck Details:

6 buildings: X-Bow, Cannon, Goblin Hut, Bombstone, Elixir Collector, Tesla
Versatile Troop: Dragon Baby
Damage Magic: Rocket

How to play:

Defense: Make sure that you always have Tesla and Bombstone in hand to attract the coming oppoents. Dragon Baby could also attract oppoents' attention or export damage when the buildings could not provide enough defense.

Attack: Take any possible opportunity to place Cannon and X-Bow to consume the oppoent's Elixir. It will cost oppoents' 300 Elixir to place the Dragon Baby along the wall.

Preparation: To place Goblin Hut and Elixir Collector as many as possible. When you have already gathered a certain Goblin, Dragon Baby could defense the attack from tower to help Goblin export damage.

Ultimate Kill: Rocket

Key Point: X-Bow, Elixir Collector and Rocket. Make sure to use them when the Elixir is full.