Clash Royale Arena 6-7 Deck: Forget X-Bow, Climb to 2400 Trophies with Mortar


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Apr 27, 2019
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Supercell nerfs X-Bow again in the March 23 balance update, along with Tesla and other cards. This deck is created specifically for the new update. Since the update just releases, it still needs some time to do some further adjustments.

How to play this deck

1. If you have Tesla and Collector at the beginning, drop a Collector (it's recommended to place in front of the main tower). Drop Tesla if the opponent drops troops.

2. Earn Elixir advantage through Collector and defense. When you have enough elixir, drop Mortar. Here comes the important part, you don't have to defend your Mortar, just let the Mortar do as many damages alone as it can. Yes, the idea is to take the opponent's tower down slowly.

3. Try not to drop Mortar at the very beginning. It's not a good idea to tell your opponent you are playing a Mortar deck.

4. Repeat the phase: drop Collector--- defend your tower --- drop Mortar --- Mortar get destroyed, defend your tower --- drop Collector

5. Try not to use Rocket until the last few secs (same reason, don't tell your opponent you got an ace). If you have to use Rocket in the mid-game, only use it when: (1) the opponent has a Collector or Hut near his tower and you have enough elixir. (2) the opponent has PEKKA or Golem and some other troops near (like it has 15-20 elixir worth of troops in your range)

6. Mortar can be dropped in the front of your main tower as a good defensive building. It deals many AOE damages.

7. If you are playing against a tough opponent, a 1:0 win is what you look for. But don't always stick on one lane. Some random attacks on the other lane could interrupt the opponent's plan.