Clash Royale Best Beginner Deck: Arena 1 - 3 Deck Recommendation


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Apr 27, 2019
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Building a simple but effective deck is the first thing new players have to think about when playing Clash Royale. After you finish the tutorial and open the chests the system gives you, you'll be able to build a deck with 4 common cards, 3 legendary cards and 1 epic card. By using that basic deck and playing in Arena 1 for some games, you'll be able to build the following newbie deck that I am going to introduce in this guide.

Battle deck:

There's no epic cards in this deck but I am going to introduce you what cards can be replaced according to the epic cards you get.

Card analysis

Unquestionable choice at Arena 1: Bomber & Knight
Epic replacement: Baby Dragon & Prince

Knight should be the most balanced card in Clash Royale, with a fairly cheap 3 elixirs but a solid body. It's definitely one of the best choice before you get Barbarians. But if you are lucky to draw Prince at the early stage, you can replace it with Prince because Prince has higher attack than Knight and it also has charge, which makes it the most powerful card on land.

Bomber is an effective counter to human wave attack, an strategy which many newbies will use in the early game. As a ranged troop, Bomber has not bad HP. However, if you get Baby Dragon, then replace it for Bomber because Bomber can't target air troops.

Best combination: Giant + Musketeer

Giant is the only tank troop that attacks buildings in early game. It can soak in damages in front of your troops and keep the ranged troops like Musketeer survive as long as possible, maximize the damages ranged troops can produce. Musketeer is the most powerful long-distanced troops in early game. It can deal with various epic cards when there's a Giant walking in front of her.

Arrows + Archers
Epic replacement: Skeleton Army for Goblins; Witch for Archers

Spear Goblins and Goblins are the key cards in the human wave strategy and the most aggresive goblin card would be Goblin Barrel. But all those cards have something in common: they are scared to see Arrows. As for Archers, it's a high value card because it can target both air & ground.

Some tips:

I'll just assume you don't have any epic cards here and we'll just use the above battle deck for analysis.

1. Put Giant in the back of your main base because you can gain more elixirs during the period Giant moves to the frontline.

2. Put Goblins in the middle of the battlefield. If your opponent puts Prince on board, don't panic, just put
Goblins in front of your main base. It can counter the Prince attack effectively.

3. How to deal with Baby Dragon: put a Giant to attract Baby Dragon's attention and then play Musketeer behind becaue the high damage Musketeer can do can counter Baby Dragon easily.

4. Don't put all of your troops in your opponent's battlefield when you gain advantages by taking down one of your opponent's defense tower. Because your opponent will probably have Fireball, which can deal with those troops easily so pay attention to what spells your opponent has. Besides, don't be too greedy. I'll suggest you turn into defense status after pushing down one of your opponent's tower. By this way, you can have a relatively high win rate.