Clash Royale: Best Deck for Arena 1 - 2 (Below 600 Trophies)


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Apr 27, 2019
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At this stage, most players are still newbies in Clash Royale. There are 5 high value cards below 600 trophies, namely Prince (Epic), Musketeer (Rare), Mini P.E.K.K.A (Rare), Baby Dragon (Epic) and Witch (Epic). Among them, three are epic cards but you'll have a chance to get them in the beginning and those three can run through all the whole game, even in the later game. The reason for those five cards being invincible in the early game (below 600 trophies) is because they are high HP + high damage in the beginner's deck.

Normally speaking, any of those five cards + a Tank card (with high HP) can easily destory the enemy's tower. However, except Witch, the other four cards are a bit weak when they are facing several units.

So below are the card recommendation to go with those five hardcore cards (noted: all cards recommended here are all you can get below 600 trophies):

1. A card that can take the main "Tank" role. Available cards to choose here are Giant (5 Elixir), Giant Skeleton (6 Elixir).

2. One or two AOE cards, such as Arrows (3 Elixir), Fireball (4 Elixir) or Bomber (3 Elixir).

3. Cards that be played as "Side Tank", here we can choose Knight (3 Elixir), Goblins (2 Elixir) or Valkyrie (4 Elixir).

4. One to three low Elixir cost cards that can cause moderate damages to enemy troops, such as Spear Goblins (2 Elixir) or Archers (3 Elixir) and Minions (3 Elixir).

You can create your battle deck based on the above strategy, using the cards you've got in hand. However, noted that this deck lays emphasis on attack so it has zero defense ability. So when your opponent is trying to attack your tower, put all your troops in one line. Your opponent normally can't beat you unless his/her level is higher than yours.