Clash Royale: Best Deck for Arena 4 -5 (Prince and Baby Dragon Control Deck)


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Apr 27, 2019
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With Supercell’s annual title Clash Royale arriving global market on March 1, I believe that most of you guys have already reached 1200 trophies. However the road from 1200-1700 is much more difficult. Today we will present you a deck to help you reach 1700 in a quick flash.

The main forces of this deck are Prince, Baby Dragon and Witch. At the beginning of the match, I usually play Spear Goblins or Minions to see the opponent’s action. With the great defending ability against flying cards the core strategy of this deck is defense and fight back. The Bomber and Baby Dragon combo is very effective when you counter the spammer deck. The Prince is used for fighting back – the Prince and Spear Goblins can crash opponent tower very fast , the only thing you have to do is finding a perfect time to use them. The Witch and Goblin Hut are very good delaying tactics when facing powerful tower destroyer like Ballon, X Bow and Hog Rider.