Clash Royale Card Counter Guide & Troop Introduction


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Apr 27, 2019
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New to Supercell's latest title Clash Royale? Then you are in the right place. Here we are going to introduce every troop in the game and what other troops they counter. Let's start from the order on how we get the cards.

Card Name: Giant Skeleton
Card Type: Troop
Comment: one of my favorite card in Epic group. The noumenon of this card is that bomb. Giant Skeleton do greater damage than Balloon.

Card Name: Balloon
Card Type: Troop
Comment: 600 damage at the first stage.
Counter effectively: Tower

Arena 3

Card Name: Cannon
Card Type: Building
Comment: Ordinary Cannon. This one lacks of aoe compared with Goblin Cannon and lacks of distance and antiaircraft capability. This card is short of lightspot and substitutability.
Counter effectively:

Card Name: Barbarians
Card Type: Troop
Comment: Barbarians lack of his own features. Barbarians can anti InfernoTower.

Counter effectively:

Card Name: Rocket
Card Type: Spell
Comment: advanced mode of fireball with higher cost and better effect. While the problem is range is too small.
Counter effectively: Fireball

Card Name: Barbarians Hut
Card Type: Building
Comment: the biggest problem is seven costs with little practicality.
Counter effectively: Fireball

Card Name: Rage
Card Type: Spell
Comment: good buff. Rage can improve 35% attack speed. After upgrading, the duration is long.
Counter effectively: None

Card Name: X-bow
Card Type: Building
Comment: X-bow has longest attack distance. It’s the extreme of attacking guard tower.
Counter effectively: Except for