Clash Royale Card will receive a gold cost reduction, changes also made for donation gold earning

Players of Clash Royale may expect a considerable decrease in the price of card gold to begin on Thursday, September 7, as the development team has announced lower card purchase costs. Following a maintenance break, these changes will go into effect, making it more cheap for players to enhance their cards. We'll examine the cost-cutting pricing in more detail.


Clarh Royale Shop will now feature cheaper Legendary cards​

Rare cards were previously priced at 100 gold, but now they have seen a significant 50% drop, lowering their new price to just 50 gold. The price of Epic cards, which once cost players 1000 gold, has significantly decreased by 80% and is now only 200 gold.

Legendary cards now cost 10,000 gold, a remarkable 62.5% decrease from their previous price of 40,000 gold, which makes them considerably more affordable. These modifications won't have an impact on common cards, which will continue to be valued at 10 gold. The Gold price for Elite Wild Cards will be standardized as a result of these altered card values.


Previously, buying a Level 14 card from the shop would instantly turn it into an Elite Wild Card, but the cost in Gold would depend on how rare the card was. Any Elite Wild Card gained through conversion after the impending revisions will always cost 10 gold, regardless of the rarity of the card being converted.

Adjustments on Donation and Trade Card Gold​

With this update, the values of gold donated and traded are also modified. Players will now receive 25 Gold in addition to 10 XP and 10 Star Points when they give rare cards. Similar to this, giving amazing cards will result in 100 Gold, 10 XP, and 10 Star Points.

The pricing structure for card trades at Level 14 is as follows:
  • Rare Cards: 25 Gold
  • Epic Cards: 100 Gold
  • Legendary Cards: 7500 Gold

Despite the fact that this modification is meant to be beneficial, there are some drawbacks. The frequency with which Legendary cards arrive in the Shop will decrease in order to preserve a fair distribution of Elite Wild Cards accessible for direct purchase.