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Apr 27, 2019
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In Clash Royale, Clans are a feature where players can congregate and try to push themselves to their best potential while receiving and giving help from friends and competing with other Clans, in competition to prove their skill in Clash Royale.

How to join in a Clan?

If you are a Clash Royale beginner, you can not join a Clan. Only you reach level 3 through leveling cards and gaining more cards, you are allowed to join a Clan. Clans can have up to a maximum of 50 members. Once a Clan is full, a player will have to leave, before another is able to join.

If you are in a Clan, you can request for other members in the clan to give you cards that you already own. This can help you out a lot on the way to upgrading a card you use a lot. You can request cards once every 8 hours, and you can get either 10 common cards or 1 rare card. Epic cards can't be requested. People who don't use them often have tons of them and give them up to have more cheast. You earn gold and experience for giving up your cards. You should not that when requesting a rare card, people will be slower to give these up and you might be wasting a card request opportunity.

How to create a Clan?

Creating a clan will cost 1000 gold though so joining an established clan might be the best option from the start until you're able to save up some serious gold. The free chests will give you 20 or so gold but each battle costs you gold and the price escalates as you level up.

Clan Score is based on the following factors:

  • Ranks 1-10 are worth 50% of the point total.
  • Ranks 11-20 are worth 25% of the point total.
  • Ranks 21-30 are worth 12% of the point total.
  • Ranks 31-40 are worth 10% of the point total.
  • Ranks 41-50 are worth 3% of the point total.

You will receive Gold and XP after donating cards to Clan mates. Gold can be used to buy cards and start battles. Collecting XP will allow you to level up, which in turn makes your Crown Towers stronger! There are limits on donations. Clan Members can request cards once every 8 hours. The limits on donation you can receive per request depends on card type:

Common > 10 cards
Rare > 1 card
Epic cards cannot be donated. You also can't receive entirely new cards by request. It's necessary to first discover them through Chests.

After entering a new Clan, you must wait 2.5 hours before requesting Cards. This helps prevent players from dropping into Clans simply to receive donations, only to leave right afterward.

Below, you'll find how many cards individual Clan Mates can donate per request:

Common > 2 cards*
Rare > 1 card

*Please note that Players at Arena 1 can only donate one card per request.

Awesomely, everyone wins through donations. Not only will your Clan receive more cards, but also those who donate are paid in gold and XP.

Common > +5 Gold & 1 XP
Rare > +50 Gold & 5 XP

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