Clash Royale Guide: How to Build the Best Battle Deck


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Apr 27, 2019
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There are dozens of cards in Clash Royale, but you have to choose 8 of them to build your deck. It’s challenging to build a strong, versatile and balanced deck, and you have to take many factors into consideration. Today we will present you some tips that you should know when putting together your battle deck.

1. Build a deck with average cost between 3.7 and 4.5

It's either too week or too slow. If you have expensive units on your team, you must think about balancing that out with cheaper cards that can be deployed quickly if you opponent throws a curve ball at you.

2. Battle deck at least includes 2 single target damage cards

Although crowds of low Elixir minions is the most effective way to counter high cost cards, they could be wiped by aoe damage. Therefore building your deck with high HP single target damage cards is very important.

3. Battle deck at least includes 3 AOE damage cards

4. Battle deck at least includes 2 tanky cards(More than 1000 HP)

5. Battle deck at least includes 2 anti air target cards

6. Battle deck at least includes 1 AOE damage skill card

7. Battle deck at least includes 1 defend building card

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