Clash Royale Guide: How to Counter X-Bow


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Apr 27, 2019
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These days many people are talking about dirty X-Bow in Clash Royale. How to counter X-bow becomes the top issue for some players.

In Clash Royale, X-bow is one of the strongest and commonly used card if you are able to get your hands on one once you get to arena 3 or higher. You will start seeing more of the X-bow card once you get to arena 4 or higher. Now, a lot of folks are having trouble defeating this card at arena 4-6. Why? Because most of us haven’t gotten the necessary cards or resources to deal with it. Therefore, you see all the whining in YouTube videos and forums about how OP this card is.

The X-bow does these things well:

- Will lock onto your crown tower when no enemies are in sight and dealing tonnes of damage to crown tower
- People will place tombstone in front of the X-bow or any small troops to counter your Inferno Tower or any troops you send at them
- Like the Mortar, X-bow has a ridiculous range.

Here are a few things you should know about the X-bow:

- It takes 5 seconds for the X-bow to be usable once it is deployed
- It locks onto a target until it’s dead
- It can’t attack air units

Classic X-bow Combos

Here are some classic combos that players will use against you:

X-bow + Tombstone – This is quite a common combo to stop your troops from attacking the X-bow. You are going to need an Inferno Tower and either Rocket or Fireball to be able to quickly burn down skeletons and the building.

X-bow + Tesla – This is to cover the weakness to air units like Baby Dragon, Minions and Minion Horde. Rocket and strong units like the Barbarian and Giant are great units to help you buy time and prevent the X-bow from doing damage to your team.

X-Bow + Mass Tower – This is the most annoying deck to fight against. You are going to need Minions, Minion Horde, Hog Rider and Freeze for this.

Most players will also use small troops to counter anything you try to throw at the X-bow. Make sure to have Arrows in your deck. It is a great card and works very well against small troops.

Let’s take look at some useful cards against the X-Bow:

The Hog Rider is a fast unit that is able to quickly get to the X-bow or any defensive tower quickly. That means you can get some damage off to the X-bow quickly. A must have if you are in arena 4-6, where most of the X-bow users are going to be at.

The Barbarians are sturdy and can take plenty of hits from the X-bow before going down. You want to use this as a counter to keep the X-bow from attacking your crown tower. It can also take out small troops easily, so it is an awesome card.

The Bomber is needed as most X-bow decks will have small troops. His sole job is to kill of any small troops.

Arrows are an alternative to the bomber against small troops. Very useful against the Goblin Barrel as well.

The Goblin Hut is also great here. You can already tell that a spawner deck works well against the X-bow combos. It will stop them from attacking your crown towers. Plus, it is a good defensive option against air units like Baby Dragon or Minions.

Baby Dragon can also help with clearing out small troops with his AoE attacks. Plus, the X-bow can’t do any damage to your dragon, so its free damage.

So, to sum it up, here is a deck that you can easily craft to specifically counter X-bow decks.

Hut Placement

Now, this is important. Never put them behind your crown towers. I make the mistake of putting it there when I was a newbie. Now I place them in the center. This means that all the X-bow your opponent uses will hit the hut instead of your tower.

Bonus Tips

Try not to swarm your enemy with small troops in a predictable manner. They will use Arrows ahead of time to wipe them out.

Use medium units like Knight, Hog Rider and Musketeer instead of small troops. Most people won’t bring the Fireball card.

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