Clash Royale Guide: How to Place Troops for Biggest Benefits


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Apr 27, 2019
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In Clash Royale, how to place troop units and buildings is important as it sometimes will decide how your game goes. So here's a guide on how to place troops and the buildings correctly.

1. Pay attention to the different troop speed.

As you may already aware that different troops are moving with different speed so when to play right troops matters a lot. For example, we often use Giant + Bomber as a combination. Here, you should put Giant first and after he has walked forward for a while, then place Bomber behind him because Bomber moves faster than Giant or it will be killed by opponent enemy then the combination makes no sense here.

2. Learn the right time to place troops when you are defending.

For example, your opponent plays Prince and all you get in hand is only a Prince too. At this time, remember to place your Prince after his Prince walks in your tower attacking range. It is because if your Prince is fighting with your opponent's beside the bridge and his Prince's level happens to be higher than yours, then your Prince will die for sure. But if the fighting is near your defense tower, then the final result should be like this: your Prince still has 1/3 HP and you can still place a Tank (like Giant, depends on what you have in hand) before Prince, then you are in the advantage.

3. Loose your defense tower or troops when defending?

Well, that's a question. But personally I think if you are holding high attack troops like Witch or Musketeer in hand, then I'd choose lose my defense tower because if you put a 5 Elixir Witch on board but it got killed by enemy troops instantly, then even it changes some enemy troops, you are still 5 Elixir behind your opponent, which he might use the Elixir gap to win the game.

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