Clash Royale: Guide to Counter Opponent's Powerful Cards and Combos


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Apr 27, 2019
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With Clash Royale being available (soft launch) in some regions for a while, there are many popular combos / card combinations that are pretty powerful. How to counter these cards? Check out some strategies below.

1. Prince + Giant / Baby Dragon + Giant / Prince + Baby Dragon

Any of the combo is capable of destroy a tower. To tackle them, you can consider:

Giant + Musketeer

When used properly you can expect to deal some damage to opponent tower.

2. Rush or Zerg strategy

This is a effective strategy in A1 - A4, especially in the last 60 seconds (doubled Elixir gain). To deal with it, you can consider:

Giant + Bomber
Bomb Tower

If you don't have the above, consider:

Fireball or Arrows

3. Goblin Barrel / Skeleton Army

Arrows is recommended. A trick is when the Goblin Barrel is still in the air and about to drop on your tower, shoot Arrows on the area where it's gonna drop, and Goblin Barrel won't even be able to deal a damage to your tower.

4. Mini P.E.K.K.A. + Giant / P.E.K.K.A. / Prince

These are all very destructive cards that only attack ground targets. Their weakness are obvious and you can consider:

Skeleton Army / Goblins / Barbarians

5. Hog Rider + Balloon + Giant

Powerful combo aims at buildings. To play against them, your strategy to place the defense should be: front: Cannon, middle: Inferno Tower, and back: X-Bow.

You may say who'd put Cannon and Inferno Tower and X-Bow all into a deck? That's right, because nobody will have Hog Rider + Balloon + Giant in their decks.

To sum up, it's very important to let your opponent to take the first move and you gain the advantage of playing counter.

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