Clash Royale Season 53 features a new Champion, Skins, Emotes, Banners, and a Season Shop update

In Clash Royale season 53, Archer Evolution has been unveiled and is expected to bring new rewards and game features for players to enjoy, including new skins, emotes, and the upcoming new Champion.

The November update will feature the newest 3-Elixir and 6th champion of Clash Royale, the Little Prince. Little Prince is utilizing a repeating crossbow with an excellent firing rate, which gradually increases while he’s still alive in the arena. The range of his crossbow could reach up to six tiles, which is quite impressive.


Little Prince is equipped with his most expensive Champion Ability, called Royal Rescue, which costs 3 elixirs. When his ability is active, his reliable guard rushes to his aid and makes sure to eliminate any nearby troops.

To fully acquire and unlock this new champion, you have to navigate to the dedicated button in the battle tab. After obtaining Little Prince, you will be given a series of tasks to finish, which will include training battles.


Alongside the new champion is the confirmation of the newest two tower skins, the Tavern Table and the Royal Escort tower skin. The tavern-themed skin boasts its aesthetic wood design and can be unlocked at Tier 48 of the Gold Tier in Pass Royale. On the other hand, the Royal Escort tower skin will be inspired by the upcoming new champion and can be acquired through direct purchase at the in-game shop.

For the November update of Clash Royale, the 9th evolution card arrives in the form of archers. This evolution card contains a two-cycle evolution, which results in stat buffs for 3-elixir cards. The Archers gain a 25% increase in hit points and a 30% buff to their attack range.

Archers will gain their evolution ability called Power Shot, which enables them to shoot arrows at the farthest target. Furthermore, Power Shot will also allow the archers to inflict greater damage, making them more powerful on the battlefield.

Fans should also anticipate the upcoming seven new emotes, which will be inspired by the Archer Evolution and Little Prince, the newest champion. There will also be 40 brand-new banners: 16 in the banner box, 16 for sale, 4 in the season shop, and 2 for the Diamond Pass Royale subscribers.

Having said that, the season shop will return with some amazing deals that can be redeemed by exchanging season tokens. This includes spooky cards in Archers, Rascals, Princess, and Dark Prince for 500 season tokens per piece. There will also be emotes, which are kind of worth it to redeem, and the appearance of wild shards, which can be acquired for 6,000 tokens. Mortar shards will also be available in the season shop, which can be purchased three times at the starting price of 5,000 tokens. In each purchase, the price of Mortar Shards will increase and will add the same value to each purchase.

There will be no balance changes yet for this season. However, if the new champion appears to be stronger than expected, there might be a few adjustments to anticipate.