Clash Royale: Top 10 Mistakes That Beginners Will Probably Make


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Apr 27, 2019
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Haven't started playing Clash Royale? You probably need to begin because it is one of the most popular mobile games recently. If you are a new player, then pay attention to the mistakes listed below. It will help you going through the newbie phase smoother and making less mistakes in the game means you can level up faster.

1. Never calculate elixir

Elixir advantage is an important concept when playing Clash Royale but most of the beginners didn't realize that. Because if you can always use low elixir cost card to deal with your opponent's relatively high elixir card, you've gained advantage and then by keep doing that, you'll win the game.

In all situations, when you are planning to play a card, you have to think if this card will give you elixir advantage. For example, your opponent is throwing a Goblin Barrel to your defense tower, it will cost him 4 elixir but if you play an Arrows in a right time with only 3 elixir, you can kill the Barrel but also you gain 1 elixir advantage. If you can keep countering with that, you will get more advantages and you'll win!

2. Being too aggresive

Yeah, full attack is more interesting than pure defending. But you'll often see a situation in the game: you try everything you got in hand, trying to take down one of your opponent's towers then your opponent uses most of his cards to counter you but he might just put a Rider Hog or Prince in another lane while you have nothing to defense. Guess the result? You didn't take down your opponent's tower but he takes yours down. Pretty frustrating huh?

3. Don't underestimate your opponent when you gain advantages

You will match an opponent who has almost same trophies with you due to the matching system Clash Royale employs. So when such two players start a game, the one who makes less mistakes will take the final win. However, many players would be complacent when they are in the green tree, rather than focus on avoiding mistakes. So never underestimate your opponent at anytime.

4. Don't be emotional

Most players would become mad when they counter a row of failures then they will become very emotional, which probably only leads to a result: you'll lose more. This situation happens in many esport games. If you think you are an emotional player, I'll suggest you take a break if you lose the matches 3 times in a row.

5. Change decks frequently

It's interesting to try out new decks, especially when you unlock new cards. However, don't change your whole deck only because you lose one or two games. Most of the time, you lose the match not because the deck is bad but because you are not familiar enough with the deck.

So my suggestion would be get familiar enough with one deck you like and minor adjust one or two cards to see how it goes. Besides, if you insist playing one deck for a while, you can just level up the troops in this deck rather than levelling up all.

6. Irresolute when placing troops

If there's only a barbarian left attacking your defense tower, do you need to play Archers to kill him? No, you don't have to because your tower can kill him easily and if you play Archers, you waste 3 elixirs and the two Archers won't cause any damage to your opponent even when they die.

Another mistake is being irresolute when you play cards. For example, your opponent throws a Goblin Barrel to you, but you play Arrows too late when his Gobins already did a lot of damage to your tower.

7. Use functional cards actively

Functional cards are those that your opponent won't gain elixir advantages over you easily. A good example is Baby Dragon because it can deal with most of your opponent's troops and it can hit your opponent's tower with not bad damages if your opponent doesn't have cards to counter.

Other functional cards also include those cards that can be used to counter your opponent's attack. It would be a huge mistake if you use such cards to attack your opponent actively rather than using them to defend. Good examples would be spell cards like Arrows and Frozen. Other examples would be Minion Horde and Skeleton Army because those cards can effectively counter some of your opponent's cards but if you expect them to attack directly, then you are wasting elixirs.

8. Don't have elixir lay up

It's very depressed if you use up all your elixir and you can only watch your opponent push down your tower. You must keep an eye on the elixir, making sure you always have some elixir left to counter your opponent's attack unless you know your opponent is also running out of elixir.

9. Only keep watching one lane

Make sure you paying attentions to both the two lanes. You may only keep watching one lane if there's a fierce fighting going on in one lane. For example, you are pushing everything in, trying to take down one of your opponent's towers or you are defending hardly, you may probably ignore what's happening in the other lane and you may just lose the game because of that.

10. Not familiar with cards

Well, I guess that's the basic stuff right? If you want to win the game, you have to know what every card can do or not and their attributes. You have to check out every card in advance and learn some combos or cooperations between cards.