Clash Royale unveils its 2024 update roadmap featuring major gameplay changes and more

The 2024 update roadmap for Clash Royale has been made public in order to provide fans an idea of what's to come. In just one month, we will have finished 2023, and it appears that Supercell has some exciting things planned for the well-liked strategy game. These include a significant gameplay upgrade, card evolution, and other things.


Clash Royale 2024 Update Roadmap - Troop Tower Update​

The announcement's most intriguing surprise is the addition of Tower Troops to the game. This ground-breaking innovation should bring a new degree of strategy to the game, changing the dynamics of the arena and forcing players to reconsider their tactics.

It's possible that these Tower Troops will be available for you to deploy on your crown towers, even if there hasn't been any precise information released about how they work. They might then become independent with this deployment, functioning as freestanding towers in essence. To gain a good perspective, you can visualize your Bomb Tower card as your Crown/Princess Tower.

Clash Royale 2024 Update Roadmap - More Card Evolutions​


Card Evolutions was warmly received by many fans, and it will be interesting to see how things develop in the upcoming year. At this rate, the game will have a good number of Card Evolutions per year—at least 12 on average. It appears that more cards will be added each season going forward, which might mean that all of the current cards' evolution powers will be completed.

Clash Royale 2024 Update Roadmap - New Cards and Champions​

It's thrilling to think of new cards and champions. By altering the meta, it not only keeps things interesting but also offers a constructive challenge. The game decided to add new champions for the following year because the sixth champion's addition has proven to be highly popular. Additionally, the excitement and mystery of the game are increased by the expectation of what kind of cards would be released the following year. We'll have to wait and see what creative and useful possibilities Clash Royale's forthcoming additions will bring.


The most recent announcement for Clash Royale suggests that the game will undergo some significant adjustments. A brief app update is also scheduled for December, serving as a sneak peek into the much awaited January season. Despite its limited size, this update serves as a kind of sneak peek, laying the groundwork for a more elaborate and thrilling gaming experience in 2024.

The Tower Troop's arrival and the excitement surrounding the next January season demonstrate Clash Royale's dedication to maintaining a dynamic and surprising game experience. Let's wait, players have a lot of exciting things in store for the Clash Royale universe in the upcoming year!