Closed Beta for "Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat" opens today! Unlock Nero: Knight of the Order for free!

Authorized by CAPCOM's flagship franchise, "Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat" is launching its closed beta on 3/24 with in-app purchases available!

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Devil wakens, a stylish combat experience has arrived! Write your own journey in the war against demons!

In this closed beta, you will experience a brand-new story with a smooth combat experience, bringing you those familiar DMC characters to enjoy! Let's get ready for a feast of awesomeness!

New Gameplay, Challenge the Impossible

More innovations bring more ways to play! "Devil May Cry - Peak of Combat" not only retains the classic gameplay of Devil May Cry, but also adds many new modes. In the rich gameplay mechanism, the demon hunter will face unprecedented challenges, the coexistence of accident and awakening

Roguelike gameplay, team gameplay of unity and cooperation, PVP battles that reflect operations and predictions, fun and difficult games


Jumping skills will appear in this test!

"Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat" continuously brings high-quality lighting and shader effects to bring that "DMC" console experience to mobile, adjusting the game's scenes, character models, skill effects, and interfaces that focus on the slightest details and recreating that dark gothic world, in which humans coexist with demons. Console-level image quality that resonates with devil hunters to pair with the smooth gameplay mechanics, every hunter will be immersed in an ultimate visual feast!

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Darkness's Near, Reaching the Peak of Combat

The main chapters of "Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat" contain unique stories and character settings built using the original work as a foundation, adding details to show the background story of each character without compromising on that fresh vibe of a new game. Following the introduction of new factions, devil hunters must explore and unlock more mysteries and myths.

In this closed beta, the highly popular character, Nero, can be obtained via login bonuses. Players who make in-app purchases will also enjoy a great rebate bonus on the open beta!

Hunters can now PRE-REGISTER using Email on the official website and stay updated by following to the community during the test period, and you still have a chance to qualify for the test! Please don't miss it.

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