Closed Beta Test for Avatar: Reckoning will launch in the Philippines by June this year

Guild of Guardians
On June 7, 2023, the most eagerly anticipated RPG Avatar: Reckoning will begin a closed beta test for Android smartphones only in the Philippines. The game is being created by Archosaur Games, and Level Infinite, a division of Tencent, will distribute it.


A closed beta for Avatar: Reckoning, which uses Unreal Engine 4, formally revealed on January 13, 2022 and was scheduled for a closed beta test in Canada the following month. The initial release date was set for any time in 2022, however that was later changed to a release in 2023. Fans of Avatar shouldn't pass up the game because it continues the story from the first movie even if a sequel has already been produced. The plot, however, does not line up with the events depicted in the movies. Players will encounter fresh Na'vi clans on Pandora engaged in territorial conflict and resource competition with the RDA.


Players in the game can create their own avatars, who can level up and be furnished with gear. There are probably several options accessible. PVE and PVP modes, single-player and co-op modes, and other game modes will all be accessible upon launch.

Players from the Philippines can visit the official website and complete the form there to sign up for the closed beta. If accepted, they will receive an email. Keep checking the website and the official Discord server for updates since the date of the global release is still to be revealed.