Closed Beta Test For The Much Awaited Apex Legends Mobile Is Now Out And Live In The Philippines

After announcing a series of small closed beta tests in India, Apex Legends Mobile closed beta testing is now finally available in the Philippines!


The closed beta testing for Apex Legends Mobile was initially made available to a handful of players in India for a few days from April 27th to May 1st. And with Philippines being next in line, players can now enjoy and experience the game in their handheld device as it rolls out its closed beta testing in the region. On May 19, a limited number of players in the Philippines who pre-registered themselves for the game via Google Play Store have received invitations to participate in the closed beta.


The closed beta testing for Apex Legends Mobile is currently only accessible for Android devices. But there is no need to worry since pre-registrations for iOS devices will also begin soon. As for selected players in the Philippines who pre-registered for the game, you should have gotten a notification or an email with information about the game's availability and be able to download the game from Google Play Store as well. If there is no available option, then you are unfortunately not included in the closed beta test.

Furthermore, Apex Legends Mobile has gotten an upgrade to improve the in-game visuals and gaming experience. However, EA has yet to enable the highest graphical settings. As such, players who have been selected for the closed beta are encouraged to give their feedbacks to the game developers in order to further improve the game and make adjustments.


Apex Legends Mobile, being a distinct game, will not feature cross-platforms with PC and consoles. According to the game director of Apex Legends, Chad Grenier, it isn't just a simple port of its PC and console counterpart. It is a "new version" that is "specially developed for touchscreens."

Apex Legends Mobile is scheduled to be released by the end of 2021 as confirmed be EA in their announcement last month. They have yet to provide a definite date or timetable for its global release. However, fans can keep their finger crossed since the game's global version is expected to be released as soon as the creators have completed the required improvements and necessary changes following the beta tests in the Philippines.