Cloud Strife Static Arts Figure from the Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available for pre-order

Pre-orders for a Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Strife Static Arts figure have begun. It will retail for $189.99 and be released in November 2023. The figure can be pre-ordered at the Square Enix Online Store.


The protagonist of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Strife Static Arts figure wields the legendary Buster Sword, which is set with two separate materia. It's based on Cloud's appearance in the remake, even down to the details and color of the figure's outfit.

Final Fantasy VII: Intergrade is now available on Steam for PC. This information was obtained from the program commemorating the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, which disclosed various pieces of products that Square Enix intends to distribute. One such unveiling was the Cloud Strife Statics Arts figurine. A Roche Play Arts Kai will also be released by Square Enix. There will be two variants of that figure, one of which will contain his iconic red motorcycle.


During the broadcast, information regarding the second episode in the trilogy was also revealed. This contained a trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which will pick up where the events of Remake left off.

The PlayStation 4 and PC versions of Final Fantasy VII Remake are now available. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is available on PlayStation 5, as well as on PC via Steam.