Coach Leathergoods responded to Dogie’s comments regarding to the penalty that Nexplay EVOS received during the MLBB Sibol Qualifiers

Ralph “Leathergoods” Llabres, SIBOL’s head coach and affiliated with Bren Esports, posted his response to the complaints made by Setsuna “Akosi Dogie” Ignacio in regards to the penalty that NXPE got during the MLBB Sibol Qualifiers Phase 2.

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Through his official Facebook page, Coach Leathergoods commented on the statements that Dogie made on his vlog wherein he said that the “tournament organizers were prioritizing the tournament live stream rather than the safety and wellbeing of the players involved”.

“Kinda weird that Sibol Executives decision to 1-0 the match was “gusto i-live ung match imbis na prioritize health ng bata” when that focus should be on the Team and not the tournament provider or event organizer. This is still the qualifiers and I guess personally speaking, I know that the Sibol Selection is a big tournament and something that every Esports athlete would dream of. But I would never in my life exchange the health of my players for a tournament. As management or owners or even leaders of teams, please prioritize your player health above all things,” stated Leathergoods.

Before the match between Nexplay EVOS and Blacklist International, one of NXPE’s pro players, H2WO, is suffering from a severe stomach ache and vomiting that resulted in him needing to go to the hospital. Due to this, instead of replacing H2WO with one of their reserves, Dogie requested Sibol to delay the match, long enough for H2WO to get medical treatment and get back to the match.

However, the request was denied and NXPE was given a penalty of one game, in which Blacklist International got the first win of the match. According to Coach Leathergoods, this penalty for the team was tame and merely a “slap on the wrist” for them because with what happened, a suspension could’ve been the punishment for the team if the rules and regulations set for the tournament were followed.

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Coach Leathergoods further added that there will be no special treatment to all players participating in the MLBB Sibol Qualifiers. He also questioned the decision of NXPE in not deploying their substitutes during the first match.

“It’s a bit surprising, why would I include sub players if I don’t even want them to play in the first place?” stated Bren Esports’ coach. “It would feel like a slap across the face towards the sub players if I wasn’t confident in letting them play or do their job.”

He then ended his statement by reminding the teams to acknowledge the health and concerns of its players but they must also follow the tournament rules imposed by the organizers.

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As his comment sparked arguments, Coach Leathergoods clarified that he bears no malice towards Dogie. He said on his separate post that he just shared his thoughts as Dogie’s comments towards Sibol were distasteful and made them look like the “bad guy”. He further added that the organizers were just doing their jobs in ensuring that fairness and equality for all players and team involved are upholded.