Coach Panda debunks match-fixing allegations in their match against Blacklist International

RSG PH is upset after their match against Blacklist International during the seventh week of MPL PH Season 9. Shortly after the series ended, with RSG PH losing to Blacklist International, surprised fans started criticizing the Kingslayers with some believing that the team intentionally lost the match. Upset, RSG PH’s head coach Brian “Panda” Lim, immediately debunked these false accusations. He stated that as they are professional players, they never considered the idea of intentionally losing a match.

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“I’ve been a coach for three years and everyone knows that I’m a man of discipline and professionalism, and there’s no way that I will accept the idea that I will throw this game because Blacklist and RSG are 'besties’,” he said in an interview with Spin.PH.

As there were a lot of fans that were disappointed with how the team performed during the match, he apologized and he also asked the fans to avoid disrespecting the players.

“Just because the end result or the performance wasn’t satisfying, please don’t assume negative ideas or skip to conclusions,” said Panda.

One of the frequently asked questions was about the inability of RSG PH’s star jungler Jonard Cedrix “Demonkite” Caranto to contest the Turtle against Blacklist International. Coach Panda answered this through his interview with Spin PH. He shared his observations on why he thinks the team is having a hard time in securing the Turtle.

“In Game 2, Demonkite was using Lancelot and it was really hard for him to contest the Turtle because Edward’s Uranus was giving him a hard time,” Panda said. “We also had five melee heroes, so fighting against the long-range heroes like Beatrix, Valir, Chou Pos 4, Ling, and Uranus, was actually really hard for us.”

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Demonkite is one of the best junglers in MPL PH but against OHEB’s Beatrix, one of his top marksman heroes, he was at a disadvantage. Coach Panda also explained why Light’s Masha challenged Blacklist International with a 1v5 duel, which didn’t work in their team’s favor.

“You guys need to know the nature of Masha. Once you have 1 or 2 items, you really need to aim the backlines like the Beatrix and in that situation, Light was the only one who can really aim the backline because Demonkite was getting zoned by the Uranus,” the RSG PH coach said.

Coach Panda also added that fans can simply criticize what they see in the matches that are being streamed online but they can’t see the mental process that the team does to make those in-game decisions.

Even though RSG PH lost to Blacklist International, they still retained their top spot in MPL PH Season 9 leaderboard. The team is currently gearing up on defending their spot in the final week of the regular season against ONIC PH happening tomorrow.