CoC - Recruiting ACTIVE FILIPINO WARMATES | Th8+ (Th10 are mostly welcome) PINOY ONLY!!!

Discussion in 'Team Recruitment' started by Ann_C, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Ann_C

    Newbie Gamer
    Team: _PINOY RULES_

    Farming / Competetive / Warring (No th rush)

    Clan Name : _PINOY RULES_
    Clan Tag : #YGPLVGYU
    Clan Level : 3
    Status : 15-3-2
    Required Trophy : 1200
    Default Donation : Barb/Arc
    Leader / CoLeader : ANN

    You must be ACTIVE IN EVERY WAR and know how to RESPECT YOUR CLANMATES.
    Loyal, serious and must be a good donator as well (especially in war).
    We're accepting ONLY PINOYS!!!

    Join now!!! ^_^

    Invite Keyword : PINOYGAMER.PH


    CLASH ON!!!

    Level 103 | TH 9 | Leader/CoLeader of _PINOY RULES_
    GG : 377M | EE : 365M | HH : 653K | Spoil of War: 55M | War Hero : 493 | BK : 11 - AQ : 11

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