COD Mobile Event: Solstice Awakened & Exchange Guide

The Solstice Awakened event is one of the highlights of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8. This season's title is called "The Forge" and will run until the early week of August. But the Solstice Awakened Event will only last until July 30. There are great rewards you can get for free including the epic Man-O-War rifle with Nuclear Fallout Camo.

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In order for you to get these, you first need to collect all the required resources before you can exchange them for a specific reward. Each type of resource requires you to play a specific map and gamemode. During the event, there will be a rotating playlist of maps where you need to play to get the resources.

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You need to kill as many as you can in order to get a good amount of resources. As of right now, the only resources you can get are the ration and toilet paper. Based from the players' experience, your kill count will determine how much ration you'll get. And for the toilet paper, you must kill as much as you can and climb at least to top 3 to get a good amount of it. There's no confirmed strategy for Petrol right now.

Exchange Center
The Exchange Center is where you'll be able to exchange your collected resources for a specific reward you want. Overall, you'll need 1,430 Rations, 505 Petrol, and 1510 Toilet Paper to get all of these rewards. But, if you're too strong and managed to save extra resources, you can exchange them for Credits in the Exchange Center. Here's the exchange guide for the list of rewards you can get from the event:

Man-O-War with Nuclear Fallout camo.png

Man-O-War with Nuclear Fallout camo
Requirements: 500 Ration | 165 Petrol | 500 Toilet Paper

AK117 with Persisted camo.png

AK117 with Persisted camo
Requirements: 20 Ration | 10 Petrol | 20 Toilet Paper

RUS-79U with Stream camo.png

RUS-79U with Stream camo
Requirements: 10 Ration | 10 Toilet Paper

Backpack with Sight Unseen camo.png

Backpack with Sight Unseen camo
Requirements: 30 Petrol | 80 Toilet Paper

Guilt Avatar.png

Guilt Avatar
Requirements: 900 Ration | 300 Petrol | 900 Toilet Paper
The Solstice Awakened event is something you don't want to miss. This is a limited-time event where you can get the Man-O-War rifle. You'll surely want to get your hands on this gun as it will soon reveal its meta in Season 9.

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