COD: Mobile Season 1 “Soldier's Tale”: new MP map, new sniper rifle and tactical item, new Battle Pass, and more

The Call of Duty Mobile Series 5 Season 1 titled “Soldier's Tale” has arrived, featuring the new multiplayer map, a new sniper rifle and tactical item, a folktale-themed Battle Pass item, operator skins, and more.


On January 10, Call of Duty: Mobile Soldier’s Tale officially rolled out, introducing the newest Atrium multiplayer map that is placed in a tight environment with a tree and a fountain in the middle of the courtyard.


Activision also introduced its new sniper rifle that can be used as a great replacement for the popular DL Q33, the LWE-Tundra. This sniper has 5 rounds of standard magazine size, with a maximum of 9 using attachments.


Alongside the new sniper rifle is the Trip Sensor, the newest tactical item for COD: Mobile. It slows down the enemies and reveals their exact location on the mini-map. This item works after placing it on any surface and triggers when an enemy gets closer to its range.


The new season will also feature five new folktale-themed operator skins that come with exclusive weapon skins. These are Templar-Wolfen Raider, Codename: Lazarus-Mortal Fear, Sophia, Fiona St. George-Shattered Glass, and Witch Doctor-Doctor Raven.

The Battle Pass Vault will feature the operator skins and weapon blueprints from the 2022 season 6 Battle Pass. It includes:
  • Sophia - Shadow
  • Wraith - Disruptor
  • Reyes - Scar Pilot
  • Ethan - Flying Sharks
  • Man-O-War - Desecration
  • Chicom - White Steel
  • Locus - Overdrive
  • KSP 45 - Oxidate
  • JAK-12 - Peggy
The season 1 Battle Pass free tier will grant players the Trip Sensor item at tier 14, the LW3-Tundra Sniper Rifle at tier 21, and the AK117-Last Hope at tier 50. Also, there are a lot of in-game items that can be obtained for free upon leveling up, such as camos and weapon blueprints.

Meanwhile, the premium tier of season 1 Battle Pass will bring the exclusive folktale-themed operator skins, including Death Angel Alice-Wonder Lost, Cipher-Hatter's Grin, Daniel-Hangman, and Artery-Heartless Queen.

Subscribers to the premium Battle Pass can also obtain the exclusive Soldier’s Tale Weapon blueprints QQ9-Dragon’s Roar, ICR-Witch’s Gift, S3-Caterpillar’s Poetry, Striker-Death Spiral, and LW3-Tundra-Red Queen’s Rebuke.

Here are the seasonal Ground Forces rewards:
  • Talon: Motu Nui Operator Skin
  • AGR 556: Egg Napper Weapon Blueprint
  • Backpack: Egg Napper
For the Soldier’s Tale events, 1001 Blades will be the first event of COD: Mobile in 2024. It requires the players to complete the given tasks and earn the steel and bronze daggers. The Operator: Zero-Soldier Royal Operator skin and FFAR 1: Mad Hatter’s Revenge Weapon Blueprint can be obtained in the reward track.

Activision also launches the COD: Mobile in-game web store. It is for the players to save more and earn additional rewards after purchasing COD points. Players may enjoy a 20% discount on their first purchase in this limited-time launch sale.

Unfortunately, the COD: Mobile web store is available only for selected regions, and the Philippines is not yet included in the listing.