COD Mobile Season 4 teaser reveals a new map called ‘Satellite’

In season four of Call of Duty: Mobile, Activision has revealed a new map. The Satellite map from Black Ops Cold War appears to be finding its way to mobile devices, based on an image uploaded last night.


Last month, ahead of season three, Satellite was added to the CoD: Mobile public test build. Activision periodically makes public test builds available to try out new game features. When Season 4 begins, players will be able to play the map for the first time.

In CoD: Mobile, the Satellite map is distinct from the other MP maps. When it is released into the game, it will be one of the largest maps. What makes it unique is that players can drive vehicles on the map, which has previously only been possible in battle royale games.

There were three vehicles on the map in the public test build: SUVs, bikes, and tanks. The SUVs are equipped with a machine gun that may be utilized to take out attackers while performing fast rotations.

The map is also open on three sides, allowing players to wander off into the desert. However, if you venture too far, a three-second notice will appear, instructing you to return to the play area. While the terrain is wide open on the outside, there is a cluster of rocks in the center that provide cover and allow for close-range gunfights.


The map will be available when season four begins, according to a teaser from CoD: Mobile. The actual release date for the new season has yet to be announced, although it is expected to begin in late April or early May. In the next few weeks, more information should become available.