COD Mobile Season 5 patch notes: Maps, modes, Battle Pass, and improvements

COD Mobile Season 5 will release globally on 28th June (PDT) / 29th June (UTC) and will be available to download from Google Play Store and Apple Store. The update will add brand new content, including Docks, Suldal Harbor, and Aniyah Incursion maps, Cranked: Confirmed and Ground Mission modes, and more, along with a bunch of improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes.


In addition to this, a brand new Battle Pass will also be available that will offer free, and premium rewards, and players can unlock them by earning Battle Pass XP. COD Mobile Season 5 In Deep Water Battle Pass trailer has revealed the premium rewards coming to the game, including Merrick Operator, Avatar - Ghosts, and more.

Premium Battle Pass Rewards


  • New Epic Designs: BK5, Counter Stealth Unit, CR-56 AMAX, Torpedo, DR-H - Respirator, QXR – Breathtaking Capture and PP19 Bizon – Blood Octopus
  • New Epic Soldiers: Otter - Backstroke, Murrick, Locke - Human Hunter, Rosé - Presser
  • New Legendary Calling Card: Eye of the Storm
Free Battle Pass Rewards


  • New basic weapon CR-56 AMAX
  • It is an assault rifle that any soldier can handle easily.
  • The trajectory is easy to control, and you can quickly aim at the enemy's head with a headshot.
  • Supports a large number of butt attachments and can be replaced with various types of stock for short-range or long-range damage.
  • There is also a semi-auto magazine attachment that converts it into a designated marksman rifle that will kill enemies.
New operator skill K9 unit

  • Calls a military dog that tracks enemies by smell and automatically attacks them.
New Event Rewards


  • A new basic weapon, Shorty: It is a pump-fired shotgun, and it is a defensive weapon with excellent short-range damage and high mobility.
  • New perk, Gung-Ho: Performs on-aimed fire, grenade throw, and reload while running.
New Map – Suldal Harbor


  • Battle seaside on this medium-sized tactical map composed of shipping crates, narrow alleyways, and close-quarter interiors.
  • Available modes: Team Deathmatch, Conquest War, Search and Annihilation, etc.
New Map – Docks


  • Deploy to a shipyard on the River Thames in this symmetrical small-sized map with plenty of vertical play. Will you fight in the open or rush inside?
  • Available maps: 1v1 Duel, Gunfight
New Map – Aniyah Incursion


  • A bombed-out palace looms over the landscape, surrounded by military supplies and housing. Fight in the luxurious palace interior or take your chances on the exterior grounds.
  • Available modes: 10v10, the new Ground Mission mode, and Attack of the Undead.
New Mode – Ground Mission


  • Experience the exciting gameplay of 10v10 battles on a huge map.
  • Available Maps: Aniyah Incursion
New Mode - Cranked: Confirmed


  • Achieving a kill or a confirmed kill (obtaining a dog tag) grants a timed runaway status.
  • If you fail to accumulate kills or confirm kills over and over again, a raging explosion will occur at the player.
  • Available maps: crash, standoff, firing range, etc.
Battle Royale Event
A new event will start soon. Through this event, you can acquire a new Battle Royale class – Regression!

Improvements and optimizations
  • When PP19 is equipped without attachment, the damage range is reduced.
  • Reduced damage range when equipped with PP19 with a monolithic silencer or OWC designated marksman rifle.
  • Damage is reduced when QXR is equipped without attachment.
  • The chest damage factor increases when QXR is equipped without attachments.
  • When QXR is mounted without attachment, the bullet spread is slightly increased.
  • When QXR is equipped with reinforcement bolts, the chest damage factor is reduced.
  • Slightly increases vertical recoil when QXR is equipped with reinforcement bolts.
  • Reduced damage range when equipped with QXR with Monolithic Silencer or OWC Designated Marksman Rifle.
  • When ASM10 is equipped without attachment, the damage range is slightly increased.
  • Aimed fire time is reduced when ASM10 is equipped with OWC Ranger or OWC Designated Marksman Rifle.
  • When equipped with Locus with OWC Skeleton Butt, the aiming shooting time is slightly increased.

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