COD Warzone Mobile gameplay leak from the exclusive alpha test

According to announcements made earlier this year, Call Of Duty: Warzone, the wildly popular battle royale game from the famed COD franchise, will be coming to mobile devices soon. The game started a closed alpha test phase around the world under the name Project Aurora after the first announcement. The first gameplay footage from COD Warzone Mobile's alpha testing phase has been leaked, according to recent leaks and claims.


Players are dropped from an aircraft into the map, where they must equip themselves and engage in gunfights in the same way they would in any other BR game. In terms of mechanics, the game is very similar to its PC predecessor.


The first thing that comes to mind while looking at the leak is how bad the game appears in contrast to other battle royale games like PUBG Mobile, PUBG: New State, or even COD Mobile. This criticism, however, can be dismissed because the game is presently in alpha testing, which means it isn't complete and will be updated.


It is possible to resurrect yourself, and kills are confirmed by knocking down and finishing the enemy player without allowing them to revive. When a player is slain, they are transported to the Gulag and must fight their way back into the Warzone on the next revive trip.

Gunplay appears to be precise and incorporates a lot of technical and movement-based abilities, which should provide a fresh challenge for gamers. The game maintains the traditional battle royale paradigm popularized by games like PUBG while also including fast-paced action and gunfights akin to Apex Legends.


Not to mention COD's own unique ways of self-renewal and Gulag. So far, the movements are fluid, and with additional updates scheduled before the final release, we should expect a well-polished game.


As of now, the alpha test gameplay is only available on high-end devices such as the Samsung S21 and the iPhone 12, among others. We can safely assume that the game will be challenging, despite the fact that it is still in its early phases.

Given the large amount of rendering required by the game due to its cityscape and interior aspects, it's understandable. However, this implies that it will be a premium experience available only to those with a decent mobile, with those with less powerful devices forced to settle for games like COD Mobile. Here will be placed any new information or leaks.