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Apr 21, 2019
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Buy Mobile Legends: Adventure M-Cash without credit card! M-Cash is a kind of token money. You can use it in game to buy any In-App Purchase packages. 100 M-cash equals about US$1 (because of exchange rate , there will be slight differences between countries). After purchase, the number can be seen above the main city of the game.

Mobile Legends: Adventure is a unique idle RPG game that offers epic background, immersive hero storylines, a relaxed gaming experience and the ability to make progress automatically even while offline.

Recruit heroes each with their own unique style to create a strong team and embark on your fantasy adventure in MLA! The secrets of the Land of Dawn are yours to uncover.

Mobile Legends Codashop Guide Information

After purchasing M-cash, you can receive the first charge in any in-game purchase.

Top-up Mobile Legends: Adventure M-Cash! Cross Platform payment solutions for iOS and Android. Buy Mobile Legends: Adventure M-Cash and pay using Globe, Smart/SUN/TNT, GCash, Bank Transfer, 7-Eleven, Robinsons and Bayad centers.

There's no credit card, registration or login required, and the M-Cash will be added in your game account immediately after you complete the payment. it's the best way to buy Mobile Legends: Adventure M-Cash online without a credit card!

Step 1: Enter ID and Server ID
You can find your ID and Server ID on Player Info page. Please input the complete ID and Server ID here.

Step 2: Select Recharge, below are the denomination
  • 15 M-Cash
  • 20 M-Cash
  • 31 M-Cash
  • 40 M-Cash
  • 78 M-Cash
  • 101 M-Cash
  • 155 M-Cash
  • 202 M-Cash
  • 466 M-Cash
  • 606 M-Cash
  • 777 M-Cash
  • 1010 M-Cash
  • 2020 M-Cash
  • 4040 M-Cash
  • 10102 M-Cash
Step 3: Select payment, below are the avaialble options
  • Globe / TM
  • Smart / Sun / TnT
  • GCash
  • Bank Payment
  • Robinsons / Bayad Cetner
  • 7 Eleven
  • Visa / Mastercard

Step 4: Buy! OPTIONAL: If you would like a receipt of the purchase by email, please enter an email address E-mail address